Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit
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Use what winemakers use to prolong the life of their wine. The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit includes one can of CapaBunga® Wine Preserve (good for 120 uses) and 3 Black CapaBunga® caps for resealing your wine. Made of a combination of Argon, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, these inert gases combine to blanket the surface of an open bottle of wine thereby protecting it from the oxygen that is so important during winemaking but damaging after a bottle is opened. Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® will not strip out a wine's aromas unlike vacuum devices. CapaBunga® will create an airtight seal. When using the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit it is important to keep the bottle upright after applying the gas.

By using the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit you can prolong the life and quality of your wine for days, weeks even months. Go ahead, trust what winemakers worldwide use to ensure wine quality.


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Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit

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